If you are looking to protect your network and its users, you will most likely be considering every possible option to safely store and manage large amounts of data. Correctly implementing a Microsoft tenant enables vital services to be effectively and securely implemented and managed for entire organisations. So, what exactly is a Microsoft tenant?

A Microsoft Tenant is a representative of an organisation that houses the users in a company, safely storing passwords, user profile data, permissions, groups, applications, and organisational security protocols. If you are using Microsoft’s cloud platform, Microsoft Entra, you can create a tenant with a wide range of capabilities to boost your organisation’s data management procedures. 

Keep reading to find out more about Microsoft tenants, and why you should consider implementing a cloud-based computer system for your organisation.


What is a Microsoft 365 Tenant?

A Microsoft 365 tenant offers the optimal solution for businesses looking to store large amounts of user information and product licences in one secure location. When an organisation uses a Microsoft 365 tenant, a distinct and unique data storage facility is made available. A well-designed tenant would utilise an appropriate location to store your organisation’s data, and would include all the required products (subscriptions) and licences. A Microsoft 365 tenant is automatically created when you purchase a product from Microsoft, such as Office 365. When a Microsoft 365 tenant is created, it includes access to a single Microsoft Entra tenant


What is Microsoft Entra?

Tenants may also be set up for use on cloud services. Microsoft Entra, formerly Azure, is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, enabling users to access and securely store organisational data. Using Microsoft Entra ID, formerly known as the Azure Active Directory, a tenant is provided with a centralised location for organising user identities, authorisations and services. 

Can you have multiple tenants in Microsoft Entra?

For each Microsoft Entra tenant, a unique directory is required to store the necessary data. One tenant represents a unique organisation, with the associated directory containing the users, groups, and apps for the entire system. You can however set up a multi-tenant arrangement for organisations that have more than one active Microsoft Entra ID account. 


Why Should I Setup a Microsoft Entra Tenant?

There are a number of reasons as to why an organisation may choose to use an Entra tenant, for example:

  • Manage Subscriptions – Change or add subscriptions to the directory.
  • Custom Domain Name – When you create a Microsoft Entra tenant, your organisation is connected with a customisable domain name.
  • Centralised User Management – Manage user identities, permissions and access levels to protect users from identity theft.
  • Resource Separation – Secure organisational resources and services with an added layer of protection from other tenants.
  • Device Management – Setup a company device to automatically start with all the required apps, access, and files. 
  • Automation – Deploy a series of documents and procedures using automation, such as important documents on corporate and data governance. 

Multi-Tenancy Support – Especially useful for Managed Service Providers.              

How do I Create a Microsoft Entra Tenant?

Use the Microsoft Entra Admin Center to create a new tenant for your organisation.

  1. Sign in to Azure/Microsoft Entra Portal
  2. Select Microsoft Entra ID
  3. Follow the path Identity > Overview > Manage Tenants
  4. Choose Create
  5. Select the type of tenant you wish to create
  6. Fill in the relevant information
  7. Review the information you have provided
  8. Select Create

Can a Microsoft Entra Tenant have multiple domains?

Using Microsoft Entra Tenant, you are able to manage multiple domains using one account. This particular function becomes especially useful for users that may own multiple businesses, as Microsoft Tenant will allow you to manage the data and policies of each business separately, but all housed under one roof. If you acquire a new business, you will be able to migrate the entire business to Microsoft Tenant, or even deploy tenant-to-tenant migration.

Microsoft 365 for Enterprise Subscription

If you are operating a business and are looking to establish a secure resource network for a large number of employees, a Microsoft 365 for Enterprise subscription provides a wide range of benefits. This includes identity, access and user management, a range of professional applications, enhanced cyberthreat protection, and around-the-clock phone and web support from Microsoft.


Cloud Migration Services

If you are interested in setting up a Microsoft tenant or migrating your organisation to the cloud, contact us today for expert guidance. Microsoft’s cloud computing platform offers a wide range of advantages to the modern workforce, allowing flexible workspaces for colleagues and partners. We provide a range of cloud migration services for businesses and individuals, ensuring minimum disruption to your workflow.

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