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The cloud is here and no one can argue with that, however, it will still be some time before physical corporate owned server are a thing of the past.

Many legacy back office systems simply are not cloud compatible and Triple Seven is a Server Support Company who understands that in many situations an on premise server is actually what we need to get the job done here and now. We’ve installed hundreds.

The correct choice of Business Servers and Server Support is crucial in ensuring the your business has what it needs to deploy it’s systems effectively and support its operations day to day.

Not all servers are the same and there are infinite combinations of components possible so to imagine that one can simply Google search ‘Servers’ and get a meaningful result that meets ones requirement is a complete misjudgement of the actual situation.

A Server is there to serve and we need it to:

  • Perform quickly but without prohibitive cost/breaking the bank


  • Be highly available and resilient, able to withstand an degree of hardware failure without taking any systems offline.


  • Have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place that ensures rapid recovery to 100% serviceable status should any part fail

Building the right server to suit your needs requires special skills that are forged with time, experience and knowledge.

To configure the right machine we’ll work with you to get an understanding of the severs role day to day, the environment it will be used in as well as the scale of growth it needs to be able to accommodate and level of resilience or fault tolerance we require to keep your systems running into the future.

Once we’ve installed the server(s) into your office we’ll provide you with a rock solid server support contract for total piece of mind delivered by the engineers and techs that built the unit and backed by a Service Level Agreement that guarantees availability.

Server support cover levels are also matched to your requirement depending on how mission critical the equipment is but they can be right up to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with 4 hour guaranteed response with all parts and labour included. If you have taken our Disaster Recovery option then the cover also includes restoration of all software, systems and data also.