Cloud Computer Systems

Cloud Computer Systems

Cloud Computer Systems are the future. It doesn’t matter if you are using 100% old school, non-cloud-based systems like Sage 50 or if you operate a ‘hybrid’ environment where cloud-native applications and web-based business programs have been integrated into your legacy systems. We will seamlessly migrate all of your current systems to an entirely cloud-based computer system custom-made specifically for your business.

Benefits of Cloud Computer Systems

When you choose to migrate to a cloud based computer system, your mission-critical systems no longer rely on your physical office space. Business cloud migrations bring a number of valuable benefits to your organisation:

Workplace Flexibility

Cloud based Computer Systems allow your employees the flexibility of working from the office, home, or abroad. Any Cloud Computer System we design for your business will work well from a traditional basic home broadband setup or (if that fails) over 3G /4G/5G from your mobile phone. Cloud Computer Systems make it easier for businesses to operate a hybrid workforce model, an ability that has proven essential over the past year and will continue to gain relevance as more businesses now value the benefits of flexible working.


Cloud systems can be easily scaled up as your business grows. Unlike physical on-premise infrastructure, they do not require investment in additional physical servers, equipment, or licences.


Migrating to a a cloud system can reduce your ongoing costs, as maintenance and updates are generally handled by the cloud providers. This not only reduces costs but also allows you more time and capacity to focus on your business.

Who Can Benefit from Cloud Migration

There are a number of misconceptions that prevent many businesses from migrating to cloud based computer systems. Many have been told that migration away from their current accounting system, customer contacts database, payroll program, or custom applications would be impossible, costly, or involve the loss of historical data.

It is true that some systems are not ‘cloud native’, so switching between applications can be troublesome, especially when manufacturers or vendors don’t have a cloud path available for you to use.

However, no matter what your current system is, business cloud migrations can be done securely, quickly, and cost-effectively with the right knowledge and technical skills.

At 777 networks we have the skills to ‘cloudify’ any system. As experienced cloud migration service providers, we guarantee a seamless migration to the cloud, without any data loss.

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Cloud Computer Systems FAQs

Cloud based computing is your daily business operations run through the internet, rather than through programs stored on your computer. It includes data and file storage, servers, databases, productivity and software, among other things.

With cloud based computing, your everyday operations no longer rely on the limitations of a physical office. Benefits include:

  • Flexible workplace – work from wherever, all your employees need is wifi or data
  • Scalability – cloud based computing systems can easily be scaled up as a business grows
  • Cost – reduce ongoing maintenance costs by migrating to the cloud

Examples of cloud based IT systems include:

  • File storage – Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Productivity – Email, Google Docs, Sheets etc. , Trello, Teamwork, Evernote, Office 365
  • Software – software can be built for the cloud, or can be migrated to the cloud
  • Streaming services
  • Payment systems – PayPal