Cloud Computer Systems

Cloud Computer Systems

You might have thought that because you’ve been using traditional non Cloud Computer Systems for quite a long time that you can’t easily benefit from what the Cloud IT Systems have to offer.

You’ll may have been told that migration away from your current accounting system, customer contacts database, payroll program or other custom application that you’ve had written for your business is going to be almost impossible, and if possible, that any migration of computerised systems to the cloud (or other platform) is going to be a) very costly in terms of money and b) time managing the project.

The same people will have also told you that, even if successful, your migrate to cloud project is going to result in some inevitable loss of historical data and may mean that old systems will need to be kept online for a period to be looked at during queries, so if you go down this route and move your computer systems to the cloud you’ll maybe end up paying for two systems in the short term. One way or another you’ll have been lead to the bottom line conclusion that, in short, it’ll be better, cheaper and less hassle to keep systems as they are and not do any cloud computer systems move at all in case a) you hurt your business in the process or b) simply can’t afford to do it.

Is all of that above actually true? Actually no. You’ll be surprised to know that it can be done and not only that – it can be done very quickly and at low cost.

It’s true that switching between applications or migrating from one IT system to another can be troublesome. Some systems are not ‘cloud native’ and the many software vendors and manufacturers don’t actually have a cloud path available for you to choose or upgrade to even if you wanted one. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen for you.

The great news is that we’ve got the skills to cloudify any system and not only that we’ll do it quickly and cost effectively.

To us, generally it does not matter what systems you are using, how long you have been using them or how much historical data they contain. We will migrate your entire computer system to the Cloud without any data loss at all – guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter if you are using 100% old school non cloud based systems accounts systems such a as Sage 50 or if you operate a ‘hybrid’ environment where legacy systems have been mixed with the newer cloud native applications and web based business programs already. We will migrate everything you have on your traditional servers and PC’s and cloud to an entirely cloud based computer system, custom made for your business.

At the end of the Cloud Systems Migration project you will left with absolutely no reliance on your office space at all as far as mission critical systems are concerned. You and all your employees will be able to work at home, from abroad or in the office in the same way.

Doubters will say it’s not possible and even if it was moving to the cloud causes a problem because if you have no Internet can’t access your systems. Again, not true. Cloud IT Systems do rely on the Internet, but some can cater for an element of offline working. Any Cloud Computer System we design for your business will work well from a traditional basic home broadband setup or (if that fails) over 3G /4G/5G a from your mobile phone. There are very few places left where you can’t get the Internet.

Of course, we understand that for a lot of businesses, trading and running the business simply doesn’t and cannot happen 100% from a computer screen. People need to manufacture goods, pick, pack and dispatch or just be hands on in some way or other as part of everyday work. What we are saying is (and more relevant in the advent of Coronavirus/Covid-19 and keeping safe) that we can make it easy for businesses to operate work bubbles where some employees work at home and some employees work in the office space (Hybrid Workforce) perhaps on rotation or maybe some staff work almost 100% at home allowing the business to benefit from reduced office space rental requirements. We are also saying that we will make it so that in your business there should be absolutely no need for someone to put themselves at risk by travelling to the office space simply for the sake of a computer system.

The truth is that how well any Cloud Migration project runs, what it costs and how long it takes to complete depends almost entirely on the skill level of the IT people handling the project. We have proven we have what it takes to do it quickly and do it right and can demo it any time you like.

Cloud Computer Systems