DR Planning

IT DR Planning for Business Continuity

There is always huge focus on deployment of IT systems for driving results and improving efficiency in businesses processes in organisations of all sizes. Loud is the fanfare when new applications, systems or projects go live as the business looks forward to the returns, however, one crucial element that is all too frequently overlooked is Disaster Recovery Planning.

Quite often DR Planning is perceived as a thankless task, after all, it makes no regular financial contribution to an organisation and moreover costs money to put in place. In many organisations it is ignored completely and/or has never been an agenda item.

In reality, the true value of having a DR Plan in place is consistently underestimated by businesses large and small as too is the probability of one being required to rescue the situation should the worst happen and put the business and its team back in a position to trade.

Good IT DR Planning is crucial and the importance of it only grows as traditional paper based systems continue to be eradicated at warp speed. Many business processes are in fact ‘IT First’ meaning that IT based systems are the first building blocks in their daily operation, with there is no ‘paper’ based or manual process/back up system so if IT stops working so will they.

In the Internet age and ‘connected’ world the sphere of attack is large so good IT Security policy is a must although no protection system is perfect,

While the IT Disaster Recovery is only part of an organisations overall  Business Continuity Plan, it’s assessment, production, testing and maintenance does require special skills and resources that we are happy to provide. Having DR plan in place that’s objective, clear and efficient to execute if required will ensure your business is restored to working order as quickly as possible.