IT Support

A Proactive and Responsive IT Support Company

The real truth is that there is no way to totally eliminate IT issues from any business computer network and any IT Support Company that leaves you with the impression that this is possible should be avoided.

IT problems do and will occur. That is a fact. How we deal and with and manage this fact separates the good IT company from the mediocre.

As a business oriented IT Service Provider we understand the complexity and pressures faced by modern business. We focus our efforts into designing IT networks and configuring the hardware, software and systems to not only be resilient, but also to work harmoniously with each other. This allows us to plan any outages needed for upgrade, servicing and security patching when our client business will not suffer.

The quality of the IT support your Team receives when issues arise is crucial to them returning back to their jobs ASAP and you’ll need a Service Level Agreement that delivers the response time and resolutions your business needs. Moreover, it’s essential that your Tech Support Team understands and learns from each and every issue and evolves from them, proactively developing fixes and solutions that prevent recurrence.

777 Networks employ suite of tools to manage and analyse your computer network day to day. Many issues are actually dealt with proactively behind the scenes before they ever impact into productive time.

Our SLA (Service Level Agreement) is tailored exactly to suit your business needs so that you are never paying for something you don’t need and can be confident that you are always covered for things you should be keeping your business risk free. From mission critical 24 x 7 cover to less serious Next Business Day delivery options, we’ll combine both Remote and Onsite IT Support services to ensure your systems are up and running when you need them most.