IT Security

An IT Security Company offering Information Protection as standard.

Historically IT Security was an afterthought…. or simply not a thought at all.

Companies enjoyed the advantages and gains computerisation of business processes could bring but gave very little consideration to how secure these methods and technologies actually were. Actively seeking out a IT Security Company to assess your business was almost totally unheard of.

Today is the landscape very different, IT Data Security is of paramount importance. The entire trading history of a company, customer information, trade secrets, employee records and cash in the bank can be stolen in seconds without even entering its premises and these attacks can be fatal.

As we add more and more IT automation into business, we also increase the risk of loss, intrusion or a data breach and the truth is that some business processes may need to change to protect against this.

However, if managed correctly, changes to Data Security procedure and their impact into the working day can be very small and in many cases are transparent or invisible. Moreover, knowing that there is good Data Security practice within your own organisation and those you partner with can actually strengthen bonds and relationships, extending the scope of trading agreements leading to a more secure future for your business in general.

Understanding the flows of information and correctly assessing the risk of data loss, theft and potential sources of attack takes a specific set of skills and there is no one size fits all solution to it as all computer networks are slightly different.

To us IT Security is second nature. We’ll deploy technologies that suit your requirement, ensuring information protection systems work end to end. We will secure communications in the Head Office, between satellite offices or trading partners and to field operatives or home workers, enabling safe and data sharing and information exchange with those inside and outside your organisation also.

IT Security