777 Networks: Business Computing for Business People

Background and Culture

Simon Pronk is a Business Economics graduate who worked in Finance roles at various organisations both large and small before becoming an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions expert. While working at a large ERP Systems reseller he became interested in the underpinning IT infrastructure beyond the applications and after listening to the feedback from key clients concluded that IT Management as a service something was that many businesses could benefit from, so started a company to do just that.

An IT Company built by Business People for Business People

We provide crucial business technology solutions, services, and assistance to streamline IT processes and enhance productivity. Whether it's in the cloud, across networks, on devices, or beyond, our focus is on delivering solutions that facilitate secure and seamless connections. Our goal is to empower individuals to connect, communicate, and collaborate without constraints.

We understand the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Return on Investment and appreciate that things rarely go 100% to plan.

We're in tune with the nature of entrepreneurial spirit and appreciate the need to react quickly with it so opportunities aren't missed.

We also know our tech deeply, however, you will find we dispense with the jargon focusing on things that really matter.

We've spent over 20 years designing, implementing and supporting IT solutions for businesses of all types and size all with two common goals:

• Providing 100% system uptime when our clients businesses needs it to make money.

•Allowing our clients to maximise their return on IT investment.

Business Focused IT Solutions

Great IT systems don't rely on one particular brand, product or system; they bring together multiple solutions, encapsulating as many of the business processes as possible while keeping the flows between them as seamless as can be.

By combing in-depth technical skills with Business know how we are able to deliver IT building blocks and services that focus on the fundamental cornerstones:

  • User Experience

  • Efficiency

  • Delivery

  • Security

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Evolving Systems

Great IT systems are not static, they evolve. Through continual user feedback and advances in technology they become almost fluid, changing over time reflecting the fact that what happened back then doesn't necessarily happen now.

Working with 777 Networks means your business will be able to grow and scale its operations painlessly and efficiently while minimising risk. Your team will feel confident in the systems they use daily knowing we are available to support them at any point they feel they to reach out to us.

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