Digital Workspace

What is a digital workspace?

A digital workspaces can be thought of as a virtualised form of a desk as it would be in the traditional physical office space at work.

Within this digital work area employees find everything they need to complete their daily role; generally it will include a full computer desktop, all of their business applications, files, folders, data, video conferencing, telecoms and collaboration tools.

What are the benefits of digital workspaces?

A great employee experience Because a digital workspace solution is accessible at any time on any device from anywhere in the world, businesses can hire more flexibly. Team members are able to collaborate in real time with colleagues from locations they choose using the devices they feel are most productive for them.

1. Enhanced corporate data security The digital workspace allows the operating business to leverage the latest available security best practises for all business apps and data simultaneously using secured single sign on (SSO). This removes the need to maintain various different protection systems for different workloads, means less passwords for users and the ability to block or grant access so all systems instantly.

3. Flexibility and Simplicity A Digital workspace is an area where both new cloud native and old legacy line of business applications can be brought together in a single desktop experience for users. Performance levels are consistent for all employees and can be upgraded as required. New software or upgrades to existing systems can be carried out for everyone at once.

4. Advanced resilience and business continuity Modern digital workspaces typically served from cloud data centres from where many different redundancy options are available to suit any budget. Importantly, it's worth noting that even the most basic offerings provide redundancy and resilience facilities far better than that of a traditional 'tin' server infrastructure found in office based server rooms.

What are the use cases for digital workspace?

1. Remote and Hybrid work The digital workspace environment gives staff members the same user experience when either working from home or in the office. Quite often employees will be working on a document now with an application at home then pick up exactly where they were once they plug in in the office.

2. Collaboration partners and contractors Modern work quite often means working with external team members on a temporary basis or contract basis. Digital workspace solutions give businesses the ability to allow controlled and maintain secure access to data and systems by third parties, perhaps for the duration of a project or for consultancy work.

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Working With Digital Workspaces Since 2003

777 Networks deployed its first digital workspace for client in 2003. Back then Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) didn't exist, the Internet wasn't very fast and resilience options were limited, however, benefits and efficiency gains even at this early stage were huge. Things have only improved since.

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