IT Support Helpdesk

IT Support Helpdesk

With 777 Networks you no longer need to worry about IT. From or base in Leeds we manage, support and maintain all aspects of your Firewalls, Network, Servers, PC’s and other computer equipment every day.

You will have a Site Manager assigned to look after you. This person is familiar with all the IT Hardware, Software and Systems on site and is your main contact for advice or help. He or she will update your site notes file so that other 777 Networks staff can help if necessary.

There are two types of support used to keep you running everyday:

Remote IT Support Helpdesk 

777 staff manage and oversee the day-to-day running of your network as a full-time on-site IT manager would. We monitor, service and maintain the Operating Systems and Applications on all Servers, PC’s and other equipment on your network using from our base using Secure Remote Access Tools.

The cover is complete and includes Backup verification, Disaster Recovery and Antivirus management. You may receive e-mails or a phone call from us notifying you that we may be carrying out some maintenance work, or a particular event occurred on your system e.g. a back-up failing. On occasion you may be asked to carry out simple tasks or tests for us, but in general you will not be required to do anything, we manage things for you.

Where possible we carry out routine maintenance and servicing of your equipment out of office hours meaning your machines are 100% available during your business day.

If users encounter problems during the day then our IT Support Helpdesk is available to take the call. Usually an engineer asks if he/she can take control of the machine in order to diagnose, “walk through” or resolve an issue. 99% of all support calls we receive can be resolved in minutes via Secure Remote Access to your site.

This method is the most efficient way to get you back up and running as soon as possible and dramatically reduces downtime and cost caused by a fault. There is no limit to the number of calls you can place on our Helpdesk.

Onsite Fix or Replace IT Hardware Cover

This type of cover protects your investment in business IT hardware. Extending beyond remote helpdesk and management it provides all-inclusive onsite Parts, Labour and Disaster Recovery for critical equipment.

Cover can be provided on all qualifying Servers, PC’s, Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Printers and Network Cabling and response times vary from Next Business Day, 4hrs Onsite Monday-Friday or 24hrs x 7 days per week.

When equipment fails, an engineer will come to site to replace either the defective part or unit (as a whole) if necessary. All labour charges associated in reconfiguring or recovering your system back to a working state is included under this agreement.

Most businesses use computers, mobile devices, Wi-Fi an and Internet services to keep them running day-to-day. If there is an outage, interruption or these systems don’t work properly then this generally means that means lost business through not being able to provide products and services to their customers or take payments.

Having an IT Support Helpdesk to call on means that experts that understand all elements of the technology can get to work straight away in repairing and restoring the systems back to working order. In most cases the work will be carried out remotely in minutes without having to call round random providers hoping for a call out appointment slot. Because of this we think an IT Support Helpdesk contract is essential.

If encounter issues and need assistance all you need to do is call us or e-mail through your issue. The average waiting time speak to one of our engineers on the IT Support Helpdesk is 17 seconds and in most cases we’ll get to work straight away on your issue, however, we also have an IT Service Level Agreement (IT SLA) which sets the IT Service delivery goals for each type of support call we receive. You can view the full details on our IT SLA here.