Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud Phone Systems for Business and the future of the old school PBX: Covid-19 and Coronavirus has forced us to re-evaluate how we work and operate on a day to day basis. We’ve had to come up with solutions very quickly to keep safe as well as keep working and in some cases some for some businesses certain things just haven’t been possible.

One of the things that has kept coming up over this period is that for some clients is that the phone system still lives in the office space and has posed various challenges to them keeping safe yet staying in communication with business partners and customers. Sketchy work arounds such as diverting calls to mobiles etc. are not ideal because it means that people are having to call back from a strange number that won’t necessarily be recognised and also unable to see if colleagues are actually talking to each other or customers already.

Thankfully Cloud Phone Systems have been around for quite a while and given that most people have reasonable Internet connections even when at home or on the road the solution to the problem of traditional phone systems is really easy to solve.

The reality is that the old traditional phone system is well on its way to the scrap heap and has been marked end of life to be replaced completely by voice over IP or VoIP based Internet telephony. BT are actually removing the ISDN Lines that power the traditional phone system by 2025 so whether you were expecting it or not a move to VoIP phone systems is on the cards for you even if you and your business hadn’t considered it before.

What might surprise you is how low cost and feature rich VoIP cloud hosted phones really are. In almost all cases and projects we’ve been involved in so far the monthly ongoing cost to businesses after switching to VoIP hosted phone system is literally slashed to a fraction of what they were paying for the old style phone system. Not only do businesses get to cut costs of telephony but colleagues and team members also get a large bundle of additional enhanced features that simply were not possible with the old PBX and many of which are free of any additional charge.

Aside from the pretty ‘standard’ features such as voicemail, call recording, call reporting, call groups, on hold music diverts etc. we get new bells and whistles such as voicemail to email, telephone conferencing, video calling, instant chat messages as well as the cherry on the cake: The ability to literally pick up and take your extension home or abroad with you either as the handset itself a mobile app on an Android or iPhone or a desktop app on your windows laptop or Apple Mac.

Doubters and sceptics quite often say that cloud phone systems need good Internet, call quality is poor, the systems are unreliable but none of this true if the VoIP phone system and networks are installed correctly. It really is a lack of knowledge and deployment skill that causes these problems, and a great quality Internet based phone system can be deployed on an Internet service that’s actually quite slow. Traditional phone system installers are not generally IT experts and many don’t have a basic understanding of Internet Protocol in (IP) and routing which is required to deploy a VoIP phone system correctly so as a result they hit problems and blame the phone system.

We’ve run our helpdesk on VoIP phones for around eight years and have been hosting our Telephone System in the Cloud for four those. We’ve used ourselves as the ‘Guinea pigs’, we’ve seen and overcome a whole host of issues so understand in detail the best practises and optimal deployment strategy to make the transition to Cloud Phone Systems in your business a success. Make the switch, cut costs and work from wherever you like.

Cloud Phone Systems