Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud Phone Systems

At 777 Networks, we have over 10 years of experience running our helpdesk on voice-over IP (VoIP)  phones. We have hosted our own Cloud Phone System for the past 5 years, using ourselves as the ‘guinea pigs’ to understand in detail the best practices and optimal deployment strategy to make your business’ migration to Cloud Phone Systems a total success. 

Cloud Phone Systems UK

As most businesses moved to work-from-home at the beginning of 2020, they had to rethink the systems used to operate on a day-to-day basis. One of the problems we have seen come up time and time again over this period has been that, for many businesses, their central phone system still physically lives in the office space. 

Workarounds like diverting calls to mobiles have provided organisations with quick solutions, allowing them to keep doing business. However, these kinds of solutions are not recommended for the long term. Colleagues calling customers from private numbers can have a negative impact on customer trust. Similarly, the limitations of these workarounds can have a big negative impact on the team’s productivity.

Cloud Phone Systems Solutions 

Cloud Phone Systems have been around for quite a while, and now more than ever, VoIP-based Internet telephony is rapidly replacing traditional phone systems. BT, for example, is looking to remove the ISDN Lines that power their traditional phone system by 2025. So, a migration to VoIP phone systems is likely to be in the future of your company too, whether or not you have considered this before.

Costs & Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

VoIP cloud-hosted phones are surprisingly low-cost and feature-rich. In a majority of the cases 777 Networks have been involved in, we have seen the monthly ongoing costs previously spent on old-style phone systems significantly reduced by switching to VoIP hosted phone systems. 

Aside from the ‘standard’ features already existent in traditional phone systems like voicemail, call recording, call reporting, call groups, and on-hold music diverts, cloud phone systems also offer access to a whole new range of tools. These include but are not limited to: voicemail to email, telephone conferencing, video calling, instant chat messages, and most importantly, the ability to use the extension home or abroad through a mobile or a desktop app.

Are There Any Downsides to Cloud Phone Systems? 

Some of the skepticism around internet-based phone systems comes from the misconceptions that cloud phone systems require exceptional internet speeds, are unreliable, or offer bad call quality. However, when the VoIP phone systems and networks are installed correctly, none of these concerns are relevant. It really is a lack of knowledge and deployment skills that causes these problems, and a great quality Internet-based phone system can be deployed on most regular Internet services. 

Effective Cloud Phone System Migrations with 777 Networks

To get the most of your cloud phone system migration, we recommend working with a qualified tech team. Traditional phone system installers are not generally IT experts, and as such, many don’t have the understanding of Internet Protocol (IP) and routing required to deploy a VoIP phone system correctly. 

At 777 Networks we have the technical knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively install and help you deploy your cloud phone system and deliver superb aftercare and support. Get in touch today to make the switch, cut costs, and work effectively from wherever you like.

Cloud Phone Systems FAQs

Cloud based phone systems allow you to make calls over the internet, rather than over traditional telephone lines. Think calling someone over WhatsApp. A cloud based phone system can be used with a variety of devices, including traditional telephones (with adapters), smartphone apps, computer software, or VoIP enabled phones.

Like with cloud based computing, cloud based phone systems have a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Fully integrated communications – helps employees to stay connected efficiently wherever they work from
  • Control over services – allows businesses to pick and choose which features they need
  • Mobility – helping employees to be reachable on the go – no more relying on static, office-based phones
  • Scalability – easy scalability as your business grows
  • Cost – cloud based phone systems can be less expensive than monthly service rates of a traditional phone system

One of the main things to consider when switching to a cloud based phone system is the availability of reliable internet services. Cloud based phone systems are efficient, and can boost productivity, but only if your employees have a reliable internet service where they are working from.

Cloud based phone systems are hosted in the cloud and, instead of calls being routed on-site via a PBX, your calls are routed via the internet through innovative switches in the cloud system.

    Cloud Phone Systems