IT Management

Goals, Strategy, Direction... an IT Management Company

Real IT Management has little to do with fixing issues and stamping out fires as they arise, that is the job of the Tech Support.

If you find your IT resources are consumed by the day to day then you can be pretty sure you have a problem in your business and you won’t be moving forward properly as far as technology is concerned.

Good IT Management begins with business analysis and combines a deep understanding of business process with technical know-how allowing us to define an overall IT Strategy and set Goals, Objectives and Milestones.

An agile approach means we can react quickly to changing demands, reform plans ‘in-flight’ and ensures your business to continues to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

User experience stories are crucial and we listen. Feeding this information back in throughout the course of roll outs or change allows us to deliver projects efficiently and consistently, where others fail, maximising your return on investment time and time again.

777 Networks is an IT Management Company that understands how to make IT work with you to achieve your goals. Our exposure to businesses of many types, market leading IT solutions and our deep technical know how is combined to form an IT Manager resource that is constantly updated on the every changing tech landscape. The experience we bring supplements the skills of your existing teams  allowing informed decisions to be made in all areas of the business.

We’re able to stand back with you and look beyond a single department, cost centre or team, helping avoid investment in silo or ‘waste’ projects that suit the needs of the few only to be cancelled or ditched later.

This type of approach yields a set of results leadership teams can be proud of allowing organic growth and expansion to take place as efficiently as possible.

IT Management