Sage 50 Cloud Migration

Migrate Sage 50 Software to the Cloud

Sage 50 accounting software can be hosted locally on individual computers, or can be migrated to the cloud with the help of a business cloud migration provider. Cloud migration brings real advantages to organisations that make the most of them, especially now that more and more people are working remotely. 

This is where 777 Networks come in. Our business cloud migration experts are here to help you with Sage 50 cloud setup, so that you and your team can work efficiently, wherever and whenever. 

Benefits of Sage 50 on Cloud

The benefits of migrating your key software to the cloud are endless for modern organisations, especially as more and more workers are increasingly working remotely.


  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Automatic backups
  • Improved data security
  • Work anywhere, anytime with Sage 50 cloud remote access
  • Quicker access to information outside of office hours
  • Improved scalability
  • Resilience and reliability

How Does Sage 50 Remote Access Work?

Sage 50 on cloud works exactly the same as Sage 50 locally hosted on individual computers. Anyone that securely accesses Sage Data (previously known as Sage Drive) has access to the same functions and features as if they were working at the office. As long as your workers have a reliable internet connection, they have access to real-time accounting data whenever and wherever they are. 


What’s more, your accountants can be set up as separate users, meaning that there is no conflict or disruption as a result of multiple users being online at the same time.


Once you’re ready to move ahead with the Sage 50 cloud setup, our Microsoft Azure migration experts will handle the entire process, beginning with a thorough assessment of the situation at hand, including discovery, mapping, and evaluation. 


We’ll then begin the process of moving your software to the Azure cloud, optimising it for maximum performance. We’ll also ensure to carry out detailed security checks, and will build a test environment for you to check that Sage 50 on cloud works exactly as expected. 

Hosted Cloud Sage 50 with 777 Networks’ Business Cloud Migration Experts

Reap the benefits of business cloud migration with Azure Migration Experts. Let us handle your Sage 50 cloud setup, giving you and your team increased productivity, enhanced security, and ongoing scalability. 


Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Azure Cloud Migration Services, and how it could benefit your business.

Sage 50 Cloud Migration FAQs

Sage 50 and Sage 50 Cloud (Sage 50C) are essentially the same program, and both are hosted locally on your desktop, but they are licensed and priced differently. Neither are actually cloud-based, although Sage 50 Cloud offers cloud-based add ons for an additional cost.

Sage 50 can be migrated to the cloud, using a cloud migration service, like ours at 777 Networks. Business cloud migration experts will handle the entire migration process, from planning, through to execution, and review, ensuring that everything is to your exact requirements.