Earth Positive

As far as we are aware,currently, everyone that works at 777 Networks is from Earth.

777 Networks is an ‘Earth Positive’ company meaning we want to leave Earth in a better state then when we found it. The health of the planet and its inhabitants affect the choices we make as an organisation and while we know that we cannot solve the problems the Earth faces single handedly, we believe that everyone and the businesses they work for can help in some way.

Wherever possible we will work with and select solutions from business partners that are of a similar mindset avoiding those we know profit via the exploitation of this planet, its inhabitants both human and animal or any of its resources. If operating like this means we must pay more, we are happy to do so.

Our business makes a profit. We give some of this profit to other people and organisations who are better placed to deliver on our Earth Positive goal than we can directly:

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