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If you haven’t heard the name Office 365 then you may be a little out of touch with IT in the business environment so here is a brief update:

A while ago Microsoft made the genius decision to take all of their best selling de facto standard business productivity software and ‘cloudify’ it. Since then they have steadily added more bells and whistles month on month and there is no turning back.

What this means is that you can now deploy and leverage these solutions within your business with more functionality at a fraction of the cost when compared to the traditional on premise deployments of yesteryear.

The Office 365 Productivity suite spans Email, File Storage, Sharing, Collaboration, Communications, Project Management, Workflow and much more. The suite offers existing integrations with hundreds of non Microsoft business and social applications with more being written and released constantly.

Office 365 removes the traditional financial barriers to entry of using the latest technology via its subscription purchase model and allows small and medium size businesses to operate at the same technological level as multinational ‘money no object’ enterprises.

Because Office 365 is a ‘cloud first’ solution spending on computer hardware is minimal. It uses Microsoft data centres rather than servers based in your office to deliver the solution globally.

Microsoft 365 operates cross platform meaning you can work at your desk using laptop, PC or Mac one minute, then leave and continue from anywhere using your Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet the next.

Data Security is always a concern with cloud systems but Office 365 offers latest protection methods available ensuring your information can be kept safe. Also see our page on IT Security.

Putting Office 365 to work in your business correctly is still a tech thing. To get the most out of it you’ll need to partner with the right team to customise and secure its deployment and ensure that your Office 365 migration is slick. Do this and you will have made another great decision for your business. If you are not using it now then you should be soon.

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We are specialists in Office 365 migrations for businesses both large and small taking great care to make the 365 migration process as simple and as seamless as possible with the minimum of disruption to daily trading. Once the basics are in place we then take you deeper in to the Office 365 platform, exploring and leveraging all the features and functions many miss out or skip to ensure you get the most out of your investment.