What do we do

Modern and forward-thinking businesses actually require more than basic out sourced help-desk and network support providers can give.

You’ll need to engage with IT partners more closely to define strategy, set goals and mark off achievements daily as part of a team.

We enable you to Outsource IT Management and IT Support end to end which means your business can focus on its goals and journey unhindered.

How we do it

Sure, your systems need to work 100% day-to-day. We’ll take care of that.

Yes, your teams need fast solutions to issues that crop up.  We’ll provide those.

The next step however, is ‘moving forward’ and this is where we excel and your current IT service provider fails…why ?

Very simply: Because we ‘get it’.

Cost effective

Pure in-house IT resources can deskill as they loose touch with current developments, opportunities and technologies as they arise in the wider world.

Outsourcing IT Management and IT services (or parts of them) brings a team with knowledge, experience and new methods to the table that are kept current through constant exposure to wider fields and experiences outside of your line of work.

These outsourced IT services can be integrated into your business at low cost to work either along side your existing team or autonomously because the fact is: when you are in-flight and on track to achieving your goals, you don’t actually need us every minute of every day.


We utilise a suite of cutting edge tools and technologies to feedback key information about your systems in real time, allowing us to prevent downtime to your operation  before it occurs but nowadays…it’s not all about ‘tech’.

We’ll work with you and your teams on a personal level, feeding back to you on areas of concern, inefficiencies or underutilised resources so that decisions can be made quickly and the necessary improvements made to keep your business running the way you intended.


We won’t wait for you to tell us what you think better IT Management could provide…

Once you have taken the time to show us how you work and operate day-to-day, we’ll be back with ideas, concepts and solutions that you may not even have known existed.

If we see an opportunity for you to gain an advantage, improve a business process or maximise ROI where IT is concerned we’ll want you to hear us out.

Bottom line: We work for you.


The security of your Network, Data and Systems is our primary concern.

We’ll deploy a set of protocols, systems and policies to ensure that your information remains in the right hands without restricting your ability to use it in the manner it was intended.

Data Loss Prevention isn’t a ‘nice to have’…We’ll insist on it.

We have all the necessary skills required to deploy advanced security within your organisation, allowing you and your teams to collaborate both safely and effectively while minimising the possibility of data breach.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a mix of IT Hardware and Systems but don't really know what I'm looking at, can you help?

Sure, the first step when on-boarding any new client is to visit your offices and a carry out a full audit of everything IT related on site.

You don’t need any technical knowledge, just point us in the right direction.

We’ll come back with a report that’s easy to understand, including recommendations on how to get more out of IT equipment you already own, beneficial upgrades, cost savings as well as figures for Managing and Supporting your IT infrastructure properly on a monthly basis.

IT systems are now critical in our business, we need to be sure they are going to keep working?

We monitor and manage your IT systems 24 hours per day 365 days per year and our outsource IT Management and IT Support Services are customised to suit your individual business needs perfectly.

We’ll make sure that all business critical IT systems you operate are secure, highly available, can tolerate one or more faults without going offline and are 100% recoverable in a disaster scenario.

We won’t ask you to invest in something you don’t need but on the other hand we want you to know that if your office burns to the ground, we’ll have you back up and running quickly with minimal data loss.

Data Security is a worry what can we do to protect oursleves?

Don’t worry, this happens in many different ways.

Analysing what data you have, how it is sent, stored, processed and transported is part of our role, we are ISO 27001 certified.

We’ll make sure that you can do business safely with those inside your organisation and outside of it.

Security policies that are customised for you both on premise and in the cloud that don’t hinder your productivity.

Statistics prove we're right

We monitor our progress daily and are not afraid to share the results.

All calls we receive are logged and tracked right through to completion against Service Level expectations we set ourselves.

Not every issue is an easy one to solve but we know you are running a business.

We’ll do everything within our power to minimise interruption to your operation and constantly strive to improve our performance by analysing our experiences and learning from them.

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Making sense?