Wifi Network Installation

Wi-Fi Network Installation

Do I need a better Wifi?

The amount of Wifi (Wi-Fi) enabled devices a person uses in their day to day life has at least tripled in recent years. Is now pretty common place for people to have a laptop, a tablet and a phone that are all Wi-Fi enabled with many of us have additional Wi-Fi capable devices such as Smart Watches, Music Speakers, Smart TVs and various Home Automation Devices also. The days of relying upon ‘the router’ in the corner to provide adequate Wi-Fi are well and truly over, this single device simply doesn’t work anymore and generally can’t give good coverage where we need it. A quality Wifi network installation is now essential.

Extenders Don’t Work

Many quick fix /cheap solutions are available on the market such as Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi Discs, Power Line adapters etc. but the reality is that many of these ‘solutions’ simply don’t work properly and actually restrict Wi-Fi throughput most cases meaning frustration and wasted money.

A good Wifi Network Installation isn’t expensive

You may be surprised to find out that a great WiFi network installation isn’t necessarily expensive. but whether we are working within a corporate office space or a residential property a Wi-Fi audit is necessary so that we can tailor the Wi-Fi network installation to suit.

We need take into account many variables including the building layout, physical structure the of walls floors and ceilings, radio interference within the vicinity, as well as the demand and throughput requirements in each area. Carrying out this groundwork means that we can be confident that the Wi-Fi network we install will give great stable coverage with maximum speeds for years to come.

All the Wi-Fi network installations we carry out are fully tested for security and performance before handing over to you. Our Wi-fi aftercare and support packages cover remote management, vulnerability patching, upgrades and on site fix or replace hardware cover for total peace of mind.