What are the main benefits of cloud migration?

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In an ever-growing digital age, we’re becoming more and more aware of our cybersecurity. With attacks on the rise, and attackers’ knowledge increasingly growing to target businesses of all sizes, we need a strong, reliable network for all our essential document storage. The Cloud, a variety of servers and databases combined, offers a practical and reliable solution for businesses to enjoy safe storage without managing anything on their own hardware.

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration refers to the process of moving digital files onto an online storage platform. By doing so, users can access the same documents from any device, at any time. It’s advantageous for offering organizations simplicity, flexibility, security, and more.

If you’re looking to learn more about what the cloud can offer for your business, and how to make that all-important move, then you’ve found the right place. Our helpful experts at 777 Networks have created this short guide for you to explore that breaks down everything you need to know about migrating your business processes to the cloud. Simply keep reading to learn more…

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving all your internal documents from your on-site hard drives onto a digital storage platform. This means that all your documents can be accessed from any device online, with additional security to ensure that your data remains safe. For businesses, this means a simpler online management system at a fraction of the cost of in-house hardware maintenance.

As each business is unique, so is each process of creating a cloud for your business management solutions. For this reason, help from 777 Networks is required to ensure a smooth transition. Traditionally, businesses have struggled with which host to choose from (such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or more), and how to move documents across quickly without disruption. Working with one of our helpful professionals ensures a quick, reliable result for your cloud migration.

What are the 5 Main Benefits of Cloud Migration?

So, now you know what the cloud can offer, you’re probably wondering what it can really offer you. To help you learn more about the advantages of the cloud, we’ve broken down all the essential information below.

Enhanced Security

As one of the world’s largest organization and storage providers, it’s important that documents are kept safe. That’s why public clouds have the guarantee of specialized features and regular updates to ensure that all data is protected. As a user, this means that you can rest easy at night knowing that all of your essential documents are protected from hackers.

Guaranteed Backups

At 777 Networks, we offer guaranteed backups with our migration, meaning that moving onto your new digital platform has never been easier. With the promise that all of your essential data will be kept safe and secure, you never have to worry about losing documents to the black hole of the internet. Everything will be stored in one easy, accessible home with regular system backups.

Simplicity in Storage

One accessible home for all your digital documents. Migrating to the cloud makes storage simple. With no planning needed to migrate, our experts can move your processes onto your new digital platform quickly and easily, saving you valuable time.

Cost Effective

Long gone are the days where businesses would need to budget large sums for storage and management fees. The cloud offers an affordable service for a fraction of the cost, with all the additional features you need to ensure a smoothly-run service. With many different pricing options to choose from that cater to all your business needs, migrating your processes to the cloud offers a cost-effective solution for all.


Ever since the lockdowns that were enforced during the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020 and 2021, remote working has been a popular choice for millions of people. But how can businesses provide flexible working conditions for those employees who work remotely? Staff will need to access all of the company’s digital documents, including all up-to-date versions, easily and quickly from wherever they are. Luckily, the cloud offers a practical solution for this problem.

The accessibility of the cloud means that files can be accessed anywhere, anyplace on any device. This is a great advantage to help businesses grow through adaptability, quickly modernize and simplify their processes, monitor all processes within their business, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Receive Expert Help with Your Cloud Migration from 777 Networks

Cloud migration can be complex, which is why our experts are ready to help you get your digital transformation organized quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business. To learn more about how we can help with your cloud migration, contact one of our helpful team members today.

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