What are the Benefits of Cloud Based Phone Systems?

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Moving your business to a cloud based phone system can seem like a daunting task when you aren’t aware of the myriad of benefits available. From improving productivity across the board to lowering costs spent on hardware, these systems can transform your business whether your employees are working remotely or in the office. In this blog, 777 Networks has detailed each benefit so you can make an informed decision.

So what are the benefits of cloud based phone systems?

The many benefits of cloud based phone systems include allowing for flexible working for your employees from both home and office. You can easily scale your plan alongside your business, whether employees are leaving or you are hiring more. Hardware is not a limitation as these systems are mobile and receive regular updates.

Read on to find out more about how cloud based phone systems can positively impact your business.

How Can Cloud Based Phone Systems be Beneficial?

Upgrading your business’ phone system can seem like an overwhelming task, however the benefits that come with a cloud based phone system are worth the time and money invested. With more and more people using digital methods of communication both inside and outside of their work, ensuring that you are prepared with the best possible system can improve many aspects of your business. Your customers or clients can even benefit from the upgraded system as calls can be answered while your staff are on the go. We have discussed these benefits in detail below: Low Maintenance Required

Cloud based phone systems don’t require the outdated and bulky hardware that normal phone systems do, requiring less storage space. These systems do not have a single point of failure, if there is a power outage in your building the system will not simply stop working. This means you will not miss opportunities for work from your business’ phone system going offline.

Flexible Working

Cloud based phone systems support flexibility in the work environment both at home and in the office. A traditional phone system is tied to one location, without the versatility of allowing employees to be mobile while they use the phone. This in turn increases productivity as they can work from anywhere in the office or even from home without missing a call. Staff collaboration and communication is also majorly improved as all staff have access to the required features from anywhere.

Frequent Updates

To benefit from the latest features, a traditional phone system would need to be constantly replaced, costing your business money. Cloud based phone systems allow your business to easily download the latest updates so you can enjoy the latest features from your provider. This should not involve any extra costs as it should be included in your monthly or yearly service cost.

Lower Costs

As you won’t have to frequently replace the equipment when you move to a cloud based phone system, this will save your business costs in the long run. If you decide to scale down your business, you won’t have to worry about money wasted on hardware for those employees who have left. They can offer flexible plans with licences that can be added as and when they are needed.

Improved Customer Experience

With a cloud based phone system, you can send text reminders to your customers or clients about payments. Integrating the system into your CRM can build a report of trends in your customer’s behaviours, for example finding out when they are most likely to call.


Cloud based phone systems are scalable as your business grows, allowing you to easily add new phones where required. You have complete control over the account and the initial setup is very quick and easy when you hire professionals to install the system into your business. They’ll take care of the initial installation, using their expert knowledge of Internet Protocol and routing.

Business Longevity

These systems should not be affected by severe weather and other issues that mean employees cannot travel to the office. This helps to ensure business continuity as your employees won’t miss any calls while they are out of the office. Having a working phone system is essential in today’s working environment as customers and clients prefer a quick and easy method of communication. Remember the system only works if you answer the phone when they call!

Do I Need A Strong Internet Connection for Cloud Based Phone Systems?

One of the main things to consider when switching to a cloud based phone system is the availability of reliable internet services. However, if your business has upgraded to Wi-Fi 6, this shouldn’t be an issue. Our recent blog on The Benefits of Wi-Fi 6 goes into great detail about how it can change your business, check it out here or visit our Wi-Fi 6 Installation page to ensure your brand new cloud based phone system works smoothly.

When cloud based phone systems are installed correctly, you should not experience any of the usual concerns including unreliability or bad call quality. These misconceptions come from a lack of knowledge and deployment skills that causes these problems, and a great quality Internet-based phone system can be deployed on most regular Internet services, such as Wi-Fi 6.

Cloud Based Phone Systems at 777 Networks

To get the most of your cloud phone system migration, we recommend working with a qualified tech team, like ours at 777 Networks.

We have the technical knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively install and help you deploy your cloud phone system. Our superb aftercare and support will deal with any problems that occur while you focus on completing your important daily tasks. Get in touch today to make the switch, cut costs, and work effectively from wherever you like.

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