Your place of work may fall into either a corporate, SME, or other type organisation, but each individual organisation needs to protect their assets from both external and internal threats. Cyber security does just that, by protecting all of the organisation’s data and assets. With many different technology devices used in modern workplaces, it’s more important than ever before to introduce workplace cyber security.


So, what is workplace cyber security? Cyber Security is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks and is how an organisation reduces risks of a cyber attack. Cyber attacks tend to be in the form of gaining access to, changing or destroying the organisation’s sensitive information.


Read on to find out more about Workplace Cyber Security and its benefits.

What is Cyber Security in The Workplace?

Cyber security is a process which organisations use in order to reduce the risk of a cyber attack in the workplace, including the protection of systems, networks, and programs.. Cyber attacks are continuing to grow in sophistication, as attackers continue to expand their variety of tactics.

Cyber attacks in the workplace could look like:

  • Phishing – Sending emails to employees, asking for sensitive information, or asking them to visit a fake website.
  • Password Attack – This type of cyber attack is where hackers attempt to access a file, folder or account which is secured with a password. It is carried out generally by a software that cracks passwords.
  • Malware – This is short for “malicious software” which is usually a file that is delivered over a network, with the aim to ‘infect’ the computer software which your organisation uses.

What Does Cyber Security Look Like in The Workplace?

To practise cyber security, it is important to do the following: protect business data, backup and encrypt data, promote a security focused culture and use smart cyber security software. Below we explain a few simple steps to help improve your organisation’s cyber security and enable you to prevent cyber attacks in the workplace.


Think Twice Before Clicking On Links

It’s not uncommon for you to receive work emails from someone you don’t know. Think twice before opening any links or attachments which are included in these emails, otherwise you could be a victim to your data being accessed.

Protect Your Passwords

Never reveal passwords to anybody. Make your passwords long and make sure they include either or all, capital letters, numbers and icons such as *!?&

To take more precaution, also use two-factor authentication.

Protect Your Belongings

If you leave your desk, make sure to lock your screen so you are the only person able to access your property. Be careful in public places if you are working in a café for example. Lock your screen when you leave, instead of just closing your screen.

Keep Software up to Date

It is common for your devices to automatically update your software. But make sure devices are fully up to date and installed.

Delete Sensitive Information

Of course only proceed with this step if you no longer need the sensitive information. Destroying this information leaves any potential cyber attackers with no valuable information.

Report Scams

If you get the sense of suspicious activity on your device or anywhere else at work, be proactive and report it, to stop any threats to your organisation.

You can learn more about  cyber security, in our latest blog, where we discuss how companies can prevent security breaches.

What Are The Benefits of Using Cyber Security?

There are a range of benefits to cyber security in the workplace, such as protection against external and internal threats, improvement in productivity and company reputation. When your customers know their information is protected, they have more reason to trust your work and your brand, making for a loyal customer base.

Benefits of using cyber security include:

  • Protection against external threats
  • Protection against internal threats
  • Improvements to productivity
  • Maintaining the company’s reputation
  • Adhering to regulatory compliance
  • Saving money

At 777 Networks, we have given some real life examples of bad cyber security from other companies, to help you avoid  the same mistakes. We’ve listed these in our Benefits of Using Cyber Security blog.

IT Security Services at 777 Networks

At 777 Networks, we ensure your company stays safe from cyber attacks by using the latest tools and technologies to provide you with a secure and effective IT Security strategy. Our expert team works to analyse your company data so they can understand how you send, store and process information. Once we have completed this vital step, we can deliver bespoke IT security solutions for your organisation. 

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