WIFI 6 is the newest generation of WIFI, a wireless method of connecting your devices to the internet. It is a smart solution for your business that can improve overall efficiency and user experience. With the number of devices being used in workplaces continuously increasing, the demand for a strong, secure WIFI connection is resolved by WIFI 6.  In this blog, we will discuss how WIFI 6 is beneficial for your business.

So what are the benefits of WIFI 6? The benefits of WIFI 6 include backwards compatibility with older devices, reduced drops in speed and a bigger capacity to support businesses with a large number of devices. Users will benefit from a longer battery life on devices connected to a WIFI 6 router due to the stronger connection.

Read on to find out more about the many benefits of WIFI 6 for your business.

Is Upgrading to WIFI 6 Worth it?

WIFI 6 has the same basic functionality as previous iterations, connecting devices to the internet. Due to the additional technology, there are many benefits to upgrading to WIFI 6 for your business and personal use that aren’t just limited to speed. As businesses expand, there is an increased demand for devices, each requiring an internet connection to complete important work. No matter your industry, there is a high likelihood that WIFI will be used at some point during the working day, even if it’s just to keep your employees occupied during their break. Here are the major benefits of WIFI 6:

Faster Speed

The most obvious benefit of upgrading to WIFI 6 is the increased speed, although this may not be as noticeable as you think. What this actually means is that when multiple devices connect to your WIFI, you won’t experience any speed reduction as the bandwidth is not stretched across the devices. Download and data upload speeds are all improved with WIFI 6 routers.

Improved Efficiency

The increased speed is particularly helpful for businesses with a large amount of devices, providing a better experience for employees and hopefully leading to an increase in productivity. In the current climate, meetings over video are more common and a sturdier connection will help these meetings run smoothly. 

Where free WIFI is offered for visitors, they will receive a better service if their internet connection is faster. Some point-of-sale systems require an internet connection for users to experience all of their features, the faster these work, the more satisfied both employees and customers will be with your services. 

Increased Capacity 

We live in a world where it is common to carry multiple devices that can connect to the internet and this number is only increasing. Just one employee may have a laptop, tablet, phone and a wearable device, plus anything they require to complete their daily tasks. With previous WIFI versions, you would experience a noticeable decrease in the internet speed when a large number of devices connected, however this has been significantly reduced with WIFI 6. 

Longer Battery Life

A bad internet connection can drastically drain your device’s battery, even if you are not heavily using your device. However this is no longer the case with WIFI 6 due to its low power consumption. Through the use of WIFI 6’s new feature Target Wait Time, devices can schedule when they communicate with a wireless network, meaning less power is being wasted.

Secure Connection

A secure internet connection is vital to keep confidential data and documents safe from both internal and external threats that could be extremely costly for your business. WIFI 6 has an enforced security protocol called WPA3, with additional improvements made to stop hackers, stronger encryption and secure onboarding for sites using IoT (Internet of Things).

Do I Need a New Device for WIFI 6?

WIFI 6 access points offer complete backwards compatibility with many older WIFI devices, so you don’t necessarily have to spend large amounts of money on new devices. The only hardware update you need is WIFI 6 transmitters  which is a worthy one time investment in improving your business. To receive the full benefits of WIFI 6, you will need a WIFI 6 Access Point and a device which supports WIFI 6, many new mobile phones, tablets and laptops have this facility already. To check if your device is compatible with Wifi 6 look up the tech spec and if it says Wi-fi AX or Wi-Fi 6 compatible you are good to go.

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Wifi Installation at 777 Neworks

Before we install your new WIFI 6 networks in your business, we will need to perform a WIFI audit so we can tailor installation to your specific needs. All the Wi-Fi network installations we carry out are fully tested for security and performance before handing over to you. 

Our Wi-fi aftercare and support packages cover remote management, vulnerability patching, upgrades and on site fix or replace hardware cover for total peace of mind. Contact 777 Networks today to find out how we can help improve WIFI in your business.

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