Move to Cloud Service

Move to Cloud Service

Many businesses struggle with how to approach a move to the cloud because they don’t have the right resources available to them and therefore don’t fully understand what is and what isn’t possible as far as cloud is concerned.

Typically, businesses will operate several systems to keep their business running daily. Some of these Business systems may operate independently with their own data source and storage but more commonly some will be linked together to provide a workflow, business process or end to end solution that is completely relied upon and this set up has become an intrinsic cog in the day to day operation that simply cannot be removed.

Because of these intricacies and links between modern business systems it is very easy to see why prospect of migrating to the cloud would seem daunting, complex, or too difficult to even cost, let alone achieve.  Some business owners may even have been actively discouraged by vendors or support partners from attempting any form of cloud computer systems migration because they themselves don’t actually have the skills necessary to achieve it and therefore for that particular system it has already been written off as a total non-starter project.

Because of the restrictions and measures needed to keep safe yet keep operating during the recent outbreak of COVID-19 / Coronavirus, many businesses have really struggled to keep functioning as normal with the traditional computer systems operating out of their normal office spaces. In many cases, they’ve had to resort to operating rota systems or work bubbles so that people can come into the office and carry out the basic things like answering the telephone and accessing accounting or ERP systems to place orders or raise invoices.

Operating in this incredibly painful way, putting themselves and staff members at since the outbreak has forced many business owners and leadership teams to revaluate their position on the moving to the cloud. They have needed to go back to the drawing board and look at whether anything really can be done as far as cloud migration for core systems such as Finance, Comms and Telephony.

The great news is that almost every computer system can be moved into the cloud one way or another. Not only that, Cloud Migration Project can be done relatively easily quickly and cost effectively even if the business has old legacy systems Still in use , lots of users, large amounts of data and a web of  linked systems That most wouldn’t dare to attempt to unravel.

777 networks have been approached by a number of clients over the last few months and is proud to offer an IT Move to Cloud Service to support any business that may require it.

We will carry out a full evaluation of the entire computer network and computer systems infrastructure taking into account any existing Servers, Computers, Firewalls, Telephony and Business Applications such as Finance/Accounting Systems, Payroll or CRM databases or custom software and then work out a plan for a migrate to cloud project custom built for your organisation.

If you’re happy with the workflow and logic behind our Move to cloud proposal, we’ll go ahead and Implement it making sure that your business can continue operating while the various elements are migrated. Once the move to cloud work has been completed, we will provide you with all the necessary aftercare and support services you will need for your cloud computer systems.

On reading this you may think that there’s going to be some form of data loss or your information is going to be at risk in some way even if we can achieve it? Don’t worry, as far as your data is concerned, we’re going to take the lot and you won’t lose a thing. Not only that, we are going to secure it in ways that are safer than it was when it was sat on your servers in your office.

Move to Cloud Service