Why Do You Need Server Support Services?

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Server support is an outsourced system that ensures your server and networks run reliably and efficiently, ideal for situations such as your business’ network going down. Specialist teams can help get things back up and running again quickly, meaning less downtime. In this blog, 777 Networks discusses the myriad of benefits for partnering with a server support provider.   So why do you need server support services? As they are available 24/7, service support providers can help resolve any issues immediately, resulting in less downtime. Server support services are very important for businesses because they can introduce preventative measures against data loss and cyber attacks and monitor who has access to your network.   Read on to find out why server support services are so important.

Why Are Server Support Services Important for Businesses?

Your business’ server is an essential part of your network to protect due to it housing a large amount of data. If your server experiences downtime, this data becomes at risk of loss, theft or damage. Server support teams can address any issues immediately, minimising the chance of losing priceless data or suffering from downtime where you can’t complete important work. If a problem does occur, server support teams can use advanced troubleshooting to find the root cause and put preventative measures in place to minimise the chance of it happening again. Server support providers should continuously update their technology to keep up with the latest advancements, ensuring they can continue to support your business for years to come. Below we have detailed the many benefits of partnering with a server support company:

Simple Set-up

A partnership with a server support provider should begin with an audit to check your server’s day-to-day role and the type of environment your business is situated in. They should take into account potential growth requirements and the level of resilience or fault tolerance required to keep your systems running in any circumstances. Experts server support teams can help you find the right server to suit your requirements, ensuring that it:

Performs quickly without prohibitive cost

•Is highly available and resilient able to withstand a degree of hardware failure without taking systems offline •Has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place that ensures rapid recovery to 100% serviceable status should any part fail

Once the server is installed in-house, you will receive a server support contract so you know what to expect and can rest assured that your business will stay running. Find out more about our server support service here.


When choosing your server support provider, make sure they are available 24/7 so that if something goes wrong, a solution is provided promptly. Alongside the bigger problems, server support teams can answer and resolve any queries immediately. At 777 Networks, our server support team can be available 24/7, with a 4 hour guarantee response time, all parts and labour included.


Outsourcing your server support allows your internal IT team to grow and gain new knowledge without having to focus on maintaining your server. As your business grows and new devices need to be connected to your server, your remote server support team can manage this quickly. Alternatively, if you need to scale down your business, or remove certain users or devices from the network, your server support team can also manage this, saving you the hassle.


Server support teams will frequently update your server to ensure any devices connected will stay up to date. This, along with regular backups, helps to prevent server malfunctions, significantly reducing the risk of data loss. They will also monitor your network for any suspicious activity, preventing cyber attacks before they impact your business. Remote access software is often used by server support teams to check who is accessing your network and what activities they are using it for.

Saves Time & Money

As server support providers work remotely, you won’t have to pay extra for an IT technician’s travel. This also saves time as they have the technology they need to solve your problem already available. If you are already partnered with a provider, the cost for solving server problems is already provided in your plan so there shouldn’t be any hidden costs or fees.

Server Support Service at 777 Networks

At 777 Networks, we understand that, in some situations, an on-premise server is exactly what’s needed to help you get your job done. Our server support services include everything from installing the server of your choice to continued server support.

To find out more about our server support service, contact a member of our team and we’ll organise an audit of your current needs.

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